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Get Laid — everywhere your life takes you!



Laid is a hair accessory and lifestyle brand committed to protecting your tresses with style. By creating high-quality products that are both functional and fashion-forward, this line is a must-have for every woman's hair care routine. 


Laid’s founder, Leona Wilson is a hairstylist, and the most frequently asked question by her clientele is, "How do I maintain my hair?” 


Be it working out, enduring inclement weather, going about day to day activities or sleeping at night, every woman wants her hairstyle to last. After extensive research, we found no products on the market that offered the combination of adequate protection and great style. Laid was created as a solution for bad hair days and to promote healthy hair every day, anytime, anywhere.


Our luxurious collection consists of activewear headbands, chic satin-lined turbans, and sleepwear accessories — all designed to protect and preserve beautiful, healthy hair. 


Wherever you go and whatever your day brings, a bad hair day should not be a part of your beauty routine.   


Welcome to your fashion-forward alternative. We can’t wait to keep you Laid and SLAYED


With love


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